Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Burger Writing Plans

At writing time, we have been learning about the writing process and how important it is to plan our writing before we get started.

We have been focusing on using Sheena Cameron's burger plan.

Here is Jessica Hey's burger plan and writing as an example of our hard work.
It shows her beginning as the top bun, the middle as the delicious meat patty and the end as the bottom of the bun.

We decided that as we are planning using a burger, we had better make some and taste test them to make sure it was the perfect burger plan.

Here we are making burgers and thinking about how important it is to plan our writing.  .   .  


Our Little Scientists

Today in Coronet, we put our lab coats on and had fun experimenting with different equipment.

We talked about the equipment we would be using, the method we would use to get a result and we came up with a 'Big Question.'

Our 'Big Question' was - What will happen when we add food colouring to milk or water?

Our equipment - Milk, water, food colouring, glasses.

Our Method - 1. Pour water or milk into a glass
                       2. Add food colouring
                       3. Observe

We then made a prediction about what we think might happen.

Ask your child about some of the results they observed today!


Monday, May 15, 2017

Leo's Robot

Leo bought in his Robot that he got for his birthday. It's taken him a couple of weeks to build and programme it.

We were stunned about all the things it could do!

Antarctica Tinkering

Today we compared the weather in Antartica to the weather in Queenstown.

It was -44 degrees in Antarctica today!!!! Wow!

We learnt about wind, pressure, and precipitation and made some components of a weather station to measure these things.