Friday, November 11, 2016

Swimming at the Event Center

We had a fantastic week of water safety and learning to improve our swimming techniques.  The mentors were very proud to see the students listening beautifully and having a growth mindset and giving everything a go. We had a minor hiccup on Thursday when we wore our PJ's as we were all very excited and found it a little harder to concentrate. :) However, we were back on track the next day and the instructors were very complimentary about the student's behaviour, which was awesome to hear. Well done Coronet students!

Thursday, November 10, 2016


There was some mega teamwork going on to achieve this height!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Book Character Day, Personal Reading, Buddy Reading and 'Where's Witheford?'

What a fantastic day!  The Coronet students really stepped up and contributed to a very entertaining time. From 8.30 in the morning the students walked in with huge smiles on their faces and with their pants on the outside of their trousers! :)

It's not very often you take the roll with Cat in the Hat and Gandalf the White!

Our news time was a little different today - Dumbledore, Fantastic Mr Fox and Zak Power had some very interesting news to share!

Our students are really getting the hand of personal reading time. They are beginning to bring in their own books on a regular basis and completing their reading card independently. Having the book character day really emphasised how it is catching their imagination.

Buddy reading has been a huge success in Coronet. The students are beginning to coach other students effectively, with a clear framework they are making a huge difference to others.

You may have heard of 'Where's Wally?' Try 'Where's Witheford!' :)

3D Printing

I don't know who was more excited, the students or me! Miss Emma shared a video about the possibilities of 3D printing - it's pretty much limitless. We are going to have so much fun!

Takes awhile to print in 3D, 24 hours! But it actually works - you can just about see a star shaped cookie cutter being printed. 

Miss Emma showing how the 'biodegradable' plastic is threaded into the 3D printer. 

SPS are working hard on our capacities. Today had the focus on asking questions and using particular words such as 'can.' It was used a lot!

We were shown how to find a website and were giving a quick tutorial on 'Tinkercad' which is the 3D designing software we were using. 

Our introduction to 3D printing was to personalise our own key ring with our name. It was extremely user-friendly and, in theory, it should be easy to design what we want. Can't wait to play around with this more!